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"LeapFrog LeapPads" at Toys R Us at 6am 12/19


If you’ve been waiting for the, “Leapfrog Leappad” you might just have a chance at grabbing one tomorrow! Toys R Us will have a limited quantity available tomorrow at 6am in select stores all over the country. All I can say is, “I’m glad this wasn’t on the Christmas list, this year!” Good luck!!!

Glow Crazy "Distance Doodler" Review *Holiday Gift Guide 2011*


Glow Crazy Distance Doodler -  BIGiggle - Toys"R"Us

Do your children like glow in the dark stuff? My little rugrat princess sure does! Let me tell you about this wonderful, and amazing product called, “Distance Doodler” by Glow Crazy that I was sent to do a review on. This toy isn’t like any other glow in the dark toy I’ve ever seen. My little rugrat princess absolutely loves things that glow in the dark so, I knew she would be extremely excited about the, “Distance Doodler!” When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to give it to her. She was jumping up, and down wondering what it was. Let me just tell you, my hubby was literally more excited than she was! If you can picture that! I haven’t seen them get this excited about something, for quite sometime! I have to say, I couldn’t even wait to try it out.

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It comes with, the magic lightwand, 3 color clings, 3 super clings, 4 stencil sheets, and a fun tip booklet! You stick the clings to a clean wall, door, or even ceiling! What’s so cool, is you’ll be able to remove the clings whenever you want, and replace them somewhere else! *Clings Not Recommended For Wallpaper* The lightwand takes 2 AAA batteries, so parents don’t forget those! You can tell from the smile on rugrat princess face that she loves this!


You can use the lightwand (which is a laser light), to draw pictures in the dark onto the clings. You can draw and write at the same time! You can even draw cool designs 10 feet away! You’ll have cool features like the “Widebeam Erase Feature” to help erase the drawings, you might have messed up on. The “Silhouette Feature” is cool, to use for shadow puppets, or a shadow or yourself! Play tic-tac toe or glow tag!


You can also, use the awesome stencils that comes with it, to make some beautiful pictures like I made above! 🙂 It’s a seahorse, turtle, and fishies! You’ll find rockets, stars, trucks, cars, and moon stencils. Maybe, you even want to make your own stencils? You’ll find cool tips, to help you with that and tons more in the, “Fun Tip Booklet”. This product, is for ages 6 and up, but I don’t see why it’d be a problem with younger kids, as long as there’s parental supervision! This is a great product to draw on the wall with, instead of little ones using crayons. The buttons are very easy to push.

It’s just hours, and hours of fun! A great product, to have whenever the electricity is out! I know my child gets so bored, if we have a bad storm, and the electricity is out. I don’t think we’ll have that problem anymore! We loved it so much, that we went out, and bought the little rugrat princess the, “Doodle Dome” for Christmas. It’s a glow in the dark tent, that you can write all over. Another, Glow Crazy product that I know we’ll love! I will post a review on that once we’ve tried it out! The only thing, about the “Distance Doodler” that was a little hard for me, was the two buttons. Not being able to see them in the dark, to know which one did what. I kept mixing them up, when I was writing with them! Other than that, this product is perfect! We absolutely loved it! Our little nephew came over the other day, and played with it. He loved it, and wants one for Christmas! Mommy, and daddy is now keeping the “Distance Doodler” since we bought the, “Doodle Dome” for rugrat princess!


The “Distance Doodler” is definitely worth the price! I seen them at our Wal-Mart, but most stores are SOLD OUT! This would make an awesome, Christmas present this year, and any year after!

Go to www.glowcrazy.com to grab yours!


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Disclosure: Mommy’s Little Rugrat Princess did not receive any monetary compensation to review this product. I was sent the free product above to do a review on. All opinions are honest and my own and receiving this product for free did no affect my opinion in anyway. Thank you to Glow Crazy for the product and letting me share my opinion of their product. Facebook is in no way associated with this review and released from any and all liability.

Black Friday Ads for 2011 (Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Kohl’s, Sears, Amazon & More!)



With Black Friday approaching in a few days I thought I would post some of the Black Friday ads of some of the stores I like. I don’t know if you set your alarm clocks for 4 am to go stand in line, or go to your favorite stores website and do plenty of clicking, or maybe you just decide not to mess with the headache at all. Either way here are some of the stores Black Friday ads, all you need to do is click on it and it will take you to their Black Friday deals.

By the way last year was the first time I had ever been Black Friday shopping and man was it CRAZY!!! I about died 15 times from being smothered by shoppers at Wal-Mart for just trying to get something located beside their legs in a box. You had to reach down low to grab what you needed and had to dig through so many things to get what you needed. People were already grabbing and throwing items to the side for them before the managers even told us to start! Some people were going off on the ones doing that. By the time I got to the item I REALLY WANTED there wasn’t any left. I would suggest you not to go to Wal-Mart for Black Friday because their so cheap when it comes to things!! Their so unorganized (well my store anyway). They didn’t have half of the items they advertised and after the sale I found out I could get the same items for the same price days later. I wasted all my time, sleep, and almost died for NOTHING!!! This year I’m moving on to bigger and better things like Best Buy! Besides I don’t care to save $2 on one item such as a freaking kids hoodie!! Smile I will let you know how my Black Friday trip goes and what store/stores I decide to go to!


Make sure you go to Black-Friday.net for all your latest Black Friday needs!! You can find just about every Black Friday ad for any store here. Another cool thing is that you can subscribe to receive updates on any *new* Black Friday ad that gets added.


Click on store logo for AD

Best Buy Black Friday Ad

Toys R Us Black Friday Ad

Babies R Us Black Friday Ad

JCPenney Black Friday Ad

Macys Black Friday Ad

Kmart Black Friday Ad

GameStop Black Friday Ad

Bloomingdales Black Friday Ad

Banana Republic Black Friday Ad



Online Shopping


Amazon Black Friday Ad

Buy.com Black Friday Ad

Disney Store Black Friday Ad

HP Black Friday Ad

Overstock.com Black Friday Ad

QVC Black Friday Ad

Zappos Black Friday Ad

If you don’t see a store listed make sure you go to Black-Friday.net because I’m almost 99% sure you will find there ad!




Thank you to Black-Friday.net for listing all the ads each year for Black Friday!!

My *FREEBIES* from this past weekend!!



All the *FREEBIES* I was able to get over the weekend!! The Crayola Pip Squeaks Markers n’ Stickers Set was *FREE* at Toys R Us with any Crayola purchase over $19.99 or more. You could do separate transactions and get another one *FREE* if you decide to spend $40 worth in Crayola. I actually bought two separate Crayola products and they came to like $22.59. Toys R  Us have so many more deals like this going on with *FREE* items when you buy products over a certain amount. Another great one is the *FREE* 3 in 1 Disney Princess sleepover set with ANY total Disney Princess purchase of $50 or more. The sleepover set includes a stylish vinyl bag, eye mask, & sleeping bag! There’s so many too name. If your interested in hearing of the other *FREEBIES* let me know and I can make it into a post for everyone. Also, I would suggest grabbing their toy catalog because that’s where you’ll find all the hottest deals from Christmas. What can I say? I love Toys R Us & I’m a Toys R Us *BIG KID* hehe! Smile

The PINK undies are from the PINK store by Victoria’s Secret. This is the *FREE* coupon I posted that I received in the mail from “PINK Nation”. You can receive all kinds of *FREE* coupons for different undies by going and signing up with them here. They also usually send a $10 off coupon for one of their cute PINK bra

The Victoria’s Secret Reward card is from any purchase you make in store (not sure about online?) they will put one of these in your bag when you checkout. This is for Dec 1st-21st visits and they will tell you what the card is worth. The card is worth $10, $50, $100, or $500!!! The last time this went on my store actually told me some lady had already got a $250 card on the first day of the promotion!! It’s definitely worth going into the store and finding the lowest item to purchase whether it be $7 lip gloss or $10 perfume/cologne. You automatically get $10 that’s a for sure thing! That will equal a *FREEBIE* for you, all you have to do is pay the sales tax!!!

*Don’t forget about the Victoria’s Secret instant win game for your chance to win! Make sure you play daily. Go find my post here to read more about it & to find the link to the game*

The sample I received from our local mall. It’s hand & body lotion with shea butter from the Dead Sea Cosmetics. I learned about an awesome product just using your natural nails. You can make them look like you’ve had a manicure from the oil that’s extracted from your natural nails. She took this little sponge thing and rubbed/scrubbed the red side over my nail, then flipped it to the blue side did the same thing, then finally the while side. It left left my nails looking so BEAUTIFUL!!! I was absolutely amazed! They looked so healthy, natural but looked like I had just walked out of the nail salon! She said it’s natural and said this look would last for 2-3 weeks. It felt so great having someone massage my hands and leave them so pretty! These mommy hands don’t get that often! I was really close to buying this product but of course I decided to go get my rugrat princess something instead. The hubby was there so maybe it’ll be a Christmas present! Smile I’m not going to push my luck too much because he already has a HUGE surprise for Christmas coming! I can’t wait!!!!!

Get Toy Story 3 Operation for only $1!!


Toys R Us is having a sell where you can get Toy Story 3 Operation for just $1. Now the sale is avaliable online too and you can get cash back!! This would make a great Christmas gift for your little one.

To grab the deal and get cash back go to ShopAtHome.com click on the blue “Shop Now” button here.

Search for Toy Story 3 Operation and add it to your cart!

Your shipping will be free with Shoprunner. If you don’t have a Shoprunner membership, you can get a 30 day trial membership for free!! You can sign up for your 30 day trial here–>30 Day free trial

Right now, you can also choose in store pick-up, so they should hold it at the store for you. (NOTE: With a sale like this, I personally wouldn’t rely on that option!)

**This deal won’t last long so go grab yours!!**


**Thanks Melissa’s Bargains**