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Bioken Enfanti "Anti-Dandruff" Review & Giveaway



Your hair plays such a huge part in your appearance. This is one of the first things a person looks at when having a conversation with you, or when they walk by. That’s why it’s always been important to me to have beautiful, healthy hair, well minus that yucky dandruff and oily hair that I can never seem to get rid of. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a dry, itchy scalp! Wait, I take that back there is! How about an embarrassing head full of “snow” aka dandruff! It’s so hard to wear black, and that’s what I love to wear in clothing. I will say that I’ve wasted plenty of money buying dandruff shampoos that worked for maybe a week, and then I had that annoying itchy scalp come right back! If your in the same situation, look no further! I was sent the BIOKEN Enfanti “Anti-Dandruff” line to do a review on, and to give one away to one of my lucky readers.

The first product I used was the “Scalpi”. On the back it says to use before shampooing. You apply it to a dry scalp and gently massage into hair, and scalp. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse with water. Scalpi was probably my favorite out of the three. I have really oily hair and skin, that comes from my mom’s side of the family. I have to wash my hair just about everyday or it looks like I’ve dumped bacon grease in my hair. Well probably not that bad in one day, but if I went a couple days! The Scalpi really felt like it was just gathering all the oil and dirt from my scalp and bringing it to the top of my head, and washing it straight down the drain. My hair felt so refreshed after using it.

Next was the “Anti-Dandruff Shampoo” which I was really surprised how wonderful it really was. This shampoo goes along way, because it lathers so great. I used a little over a quarter size amount because I have extremely long hair, all the way down my back. I’m also very picky when it comes to my hair products, especially my shampoo! I just loved how fresh my hair felt after using this dandruff shampoo, because other dandruff shampoo I’ve used in the past left my hair feeling yucky and pretty stiff.

Lastly, I tried the “Antiruff Toner” which I had not tried prior to this. I really loved how easy this came out. You just pump a couple pumps of foam into the palm of your hand, and massage it into your scalp for a few minutes. I definitely noticed the lovely smell right away.

All and all I would definitely say that after using these three products it’s cleared my dandruff up, and taken care of my oily hair. My hair has this beautiful shine, and just looks healthy overall. I’ve even noticed that it’s gotten a lot softer. Who doesn’t want all that for their hair?  I would recommend these products to anyone who’s having the same issue that I was having. I don’t know how long I’ve tried to fight this problem. I would get so discouraged, and at times have real low self esteem because of it. Especially back when I was in school. I spent so much money that I don’t even want to think about that!BIOKEN is definitely a brand that I can count on! How about you?


.Suffering from dandruff or a dry, itchy scalp? Let Bioken Enfanti’s botanical formula help soothe and heal your scalp and leave healthy, flake-free hair. Simply start with Bioken Enfanti Scalpi to deep cleanse your hair and scalp and follow up with Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Antiruff Dandruff Toner on a daily basis. Strands will be left soft, shiny and fabulously flake-free.


Enfanti “Anti-Dandruff Shampoo”

Cleanses hair while purifying and toning the scalp and eliminating flaking associated with dandruff. Infused with natural antiseptic herbs, it helps ease psoriasis and dandruff and conditions hair and scalp. Anti Dandruff Shampoo provides a synergy of healing ingredients that provide long lasting relief from flaking and itching. It can be used on all hair types to give strong vitality and luster.

Enfanti Anti Dandruff Shampoo contains menthol, tea tree oil, aloe vera as well as green tea, calendula, nettle, and bee propolis extracts.


Enfanti “Antiruff Toner”

Is a tonic for the treatment of dandruff. It relieves itching and irritation, calms and soothes scalp, and controls the reoccurrence of flaking and itching associated with dandruff. The antimicrobial effect of various essential oils prevents excessive flaking and stimulates circulation, improving the epidermal health of the scalp. Excess sebum is gently eliminated and hair follicles and scalp are stimulated and revitalized.


Enfanti “Scalpi”

Is a refreshing massage emulsion that provides gentle exfoliation of oxidized oils and dirt on the scalp. It purifies, stimulates and fortifies the scalp and hair with natural active ingredients such as ginseng, henna, horseradish and saponaria extracts. Scalpi detoxifies the hair and scalp and also soothes and heals dry, itchy skin. Specially formulated to emulsify residue, it nourishes hair and scalp with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which helps to promote healthy hair growth.


About Bioken:

Bioken Incorporated, a U.S. based company, was established in 2003 and was built on the foundation of striving for healthy hair and scalp. Believing that nature holds the secrets for beautiful hair, a source of youthful allure for women and vigor for men, Bioken’s mission is to help everyone discover and restore these elements of their image using the finest hair care solutions available. With a blend of natural ingredients, Bioken brings a luxurious and sensual quality to every hair care experience. Let Bioken share nature’s secret with you.

For more information about Bioken, Inc., the Bioken, Bioken Enfanti brands, or where to purchase these products please visit www.thebioken.com



The people over at BIOKEN have been so generous to have offered one lucky reader a chance at winning their very own BIOKEN Enfanti “Anti-Dandruff” Line. How exciting is that?

For your chance to win all you need to do is the, “Mandatory Entry”. I have offered extra entries, for more chances at winning! 1 entry=1 comment


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– Tell me the hardest problem you have with your hair!


This giveaway is opened to US residents only (No P.O. Boxes). You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. This giveaway will end on June, 11th at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be chosen at random.org and will be emailed once the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 48 hours before another winner will be chosen.



Disclosure: Mommy’s Little Rugrat Princess did not receive any monetary compensation to run this giveaway. I was sent the following products above for free to review. All opinions are honest and my own, receiving this product for free did not affect or influence my opinion in anyway. Thank you to BIOKEN for offering their products for a review and giveaway. A special thanks to Kelly T. for your patience, and for being so kind! Facebook is in no way associated with this giveaway and released from any and all liability.

*FREE* Garnier Pure Clean Clear 2 in 1 Shampoo Sample



Get your *FREE* sample of Garnier Pure Clean Clear 2 in 1 Shampoo! These samples are good for traveling, when you have guests over, or to save back to make a gift basket of all kinds of little assortments for a special occasion!

You can read my post here of how I use my samples & freebies!

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Bye, Bye Harmful Chemicals, Hello TruKid! Review/Giveaway (1 winner of Silly Shampoo + Sunny Days Sunscreen) ***ENDED***


TruKid sent me their, “Silly Shampoo” and “Sunny Days Face & Body Stick” to do a review on. I was really excited to try their products because TruKid is known for their natural and free of all those harmful chemicals that you find in other everyday kid products.

The “Silly Shampoo” is an organic product free of harmful chemicals such as BPA & Phthalate, Paraben, SLS, 1-4 Dioxane, and gluten.  My rugrat princess was automatically drawn in on how colorful the products were. She started looking at them as though she was examining them! She noticed that the, “Silly Shampoo” had a face with silly hair on it. She read what it said by sounding it out, “Haaa-irrr” and knew this was for her hair. What’s so wonderful about the TruKid products is that there so kid friendly.

“TruKid’s philosophy is to create a sustainable future for our kids by teaching them to take care of themselves, each other, and the environment.”

My princess was so excited about using her new silly shampoo. I let her take the bottle and squeeze the shampoo into her hands. I actually told her too much because all we needed was just a small amount, about the size of a quarter. Their shampoo lathers so great compared to other shampoos we’ve used in the past. She felt like a big girl now, knowing that the face with silly hair was her silly shampoo! The next day we tried the pump lid they sent with the products. She loved how easy it was to pump the shampoo right into her hands. It reminded her of using our hand soap. My rugrat has crazy hair also, and it’s so hard to do anything with her hair. I love how soft the “Silly Shampoo” left her hair and the shine that it left is amazing!! Her hair just looked so healthy compared to what it did look like before using the shampoo. The smell of the shampoo was something my rugrat and I kept talking about. The smell is like a citrus and smells so wonderful!!!

This is right after she got out, her hair isn't dried completely but you can tell how healthy and how beautiful the shine is. She has curly hair, and the TruKid shampoo left her hair so soft!!

Even though it’s fall out and the nights are so cold. We’ve had some really sunny days here lately. I used the “Sunny Days Face & Body Stick” which is SPF 30+, UVA/UVB broad spectrum, all natural, and water resistant. I love how easy the stick is just to take it and rub it all on the face, neck, and arms. Unlike a lot of other sunscreen that we’ve tried this one isn’t all sticky. It doesn’t have the gooey type of feeling. It just blends right into the skin without leaving all that mess behind! It’s also very convienient to carry in my purse. It’s still important for your children to have some sort of sun protection throughout the year even during winter. This is definitely a great product for our little rugrat because she doesn’t even remember I put it on her. She loves to complain and has always complained about other sunscreens and never liked me putting them on her. She loves how the, “Sunny Days” smells so great like the “Silly Shampoo” with the citrus smell. She also loves that it doesn’t irritate her skin. She and I both have very sensitive skin.

Quick Facts About TruKid Products:

  • Free of harmful chemicals such as BPA & Phthalate, Paraben, SLS, 1-4 Dioxane, and gluten
  • Kid friendly: products are labeled with pictures for kids so they know what the product is used for
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Not Animal Tested
  • Organic and natural products
  • Uses green packaging whenever possible, replaces traditional materials with ones that are biodegradable or recyclable.
  • Use kids’ everyday vocabularies such as silly, funny, happy and cool to label their products so kids can have fun while learning.
  • Uses brightly colored bottles so children know their use: blue for cleansing, green for nourishing and orange for sun protection.
  • ” TruKid Learning System” stamp their products with symbols which enables kids to identify what part of their body it’s for (face, body, hair, etc.).

 TruKid Products You Can Buy:

  • Happy Face & Body Lotion
  • Cool Conditioner
  • Helping Hand Wash
  • Bubbly Body Wash
  • Friendly Face Wash
  • Dancing Detangler
  • Sunny Days Sport

To find more products go here

 About TruKid

TruKid is a California based lifestyle company for kids that focuses on creating healthy habits and promoting positive choices for children and families. Our natural, value-priced skincare line is accompanied by a host of fun, educational materials such as rhymes, songs, and games; all of which work towards teaching children how to care for themselves and the world around them.

We provide products free of harmful chemicals in order to protect little bodies. We have created a, “Toxic Bad Guys” list in order to raise awareness in parents and kids about potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in personal care products. Ingredients on this list, including sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and petroleum, are not found in TruKid products. By educating parents, we hope to assist them in making informed, safe decisions for themselves and their families.

Whenever possible we replace traditional with biodegradable or recyclable materials. Our biodegradable formulas have been specifically designed to protect, moisturize and nourish children’s sensitive skin. TruKid makes smart decisions easy for parents by providing a line of gentle, natural and organic skincare that is safe to use on babies as well as big kids.

TruKid created a learning system based on the idea that kids learn better when having fun. We named our products using words in kids’ everyday vocabularies, like silly, funny, happy, and cool. Our brightly colored bottles are coded so children know their use: blue for cleansing, green for nourishing and orange for sun protection. Additionally, all products are stamped with the, “TruKid Learning System” symbol which enables kids to identify what part of their body it’s for (face, body, hair, etc.). The combination allows children to build independence while instilling healthy habits to last a lifetime. By combining all natural skincare with fun and education, TruKid cultivates the relationship between healthy habits and being a kid.

Our product is skincare, our business is healthy living.

You can find downloadable printouts of “Earn-A-Star Checklists” to help kids keep track of the good things they do (brush their teeth, eat a healthy breakfast, put on sunscreen, etc)

When it comes down to the TruKid products that I reviewed I would recommend them to any mommy, daddy or grandparent out there. This is definitely a must-have for us now. I know from now on when we need a kid friendly product that is free of all those harmful chemicals leaving our child feeling great, our choice is going to be TruKid!! It makes me feel so great as a parent knowing that I’m using such safe products on my child. You might think well I only pay $3 at Wal-Mart for my child’s shampoo so I don’t want to pay any extra. TruKid products are well worth the value you pay for them especially knowing that your little one is safe! Plus, their organic and all natural. They work so great you only need to use a small amount of the product. One bottle of shampoo can last forever, as long as you don’t let your little one do the judging on the amount to use.

*** TruKid have been so sweet to offer all my followers a coupon code for *FREE* Silly Shampoo with any order of $35 or more, if ordered on the TruKid website!***

Coupon Code: sillymom (1 use per customer)


I’m happy to announce that TruKid have been so generous to have offered 1 lucky reader of mine a chance at winning the 2 products that I reviewed “Silly Shampoo” & “Sunny Days Face & Body Stick”.  All you need to do is leave a comment making sure you do the mandatory entry! For extra chances at winning you can do the extra entries I have offered.

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That’s all you need to do is the mandatory entry, but if you’d like more chances to win do some or all the extra entries! This giveaway is opened to US residents only. You must be 18 years of age to enter. This giveaway will end on November 30th, at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be chosen at random.org and will be emailed once the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 48 hours before another winner will be chosen.

Disclosure: Mommy’s Little Rugrat Princess did not receive any monetary compensation to run this giveaway. I was sent the following products above to review. All opinions are honest and my own. Thank you to TruKid for offering my readers this great giveaway of their products. Facebook is in no way associated with this giveaway and released from any and all liability.

TruKid: Help them reach 5,000 Likes & Enter their *giveaway*


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