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I’m Back!!!!!


YAY! I’m so glad to be back! These past few days were upsetting knowing that my blog was shut down. Anthony from WordPress was so sweet though to let me know that the system shouldn’t have done that. He sent his sincere apology. Now that we’re back in business I sure missed you guys and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Christmas will be here in no time! Is everyone ready? I’ve done a little Christmas shopping.

Did you grab any Black Friday deals? I ended up going to Wal-Mart after I complained of their Black Friday. This year went smooth and I think it’s because I didn’t get clothes. I was able to get an awesome 7 piece comforter set for $38! I had everything in my cart at 10. I asked the Wal-Mart employees if it was okay since everyone was already grabbing stuff up. They told me to go ahead because no one can get out of the store until 10 anyway. If I hadn’t grabbed what I did I wouldn’t have gotten anything. Checkout time was great it only took 10 minutes so not bad at all! It was kind of creepy what happened when I was walking to my car. I mean the parking lot was completely full with people parking up the street at different businesses. I was walking to my car already paranoid and I was reaching underneath my cart for something. I heard a low voice say, “I’m not trying to stalk you or anything!” It startled me so I hurry and jumped up and it was this girl who asked, “Is it alright if I follow you to your car and take your shopping cart once your finished?” I said, “Yeah, that’s crazy there’s no carts!” She looked harmless and I’m pretty sure I could take her if she tried to steal my comforter and things! Winking smile  Besides the parking lot was crowded with people including police officers. My hubby was watching me while he stayed inside with rugrat princess so I could hide gifts. Let’s just say he’s not that great at hiding presents! If anything he likes passing them out before Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day. It’s cold and raining here! A day you just want to stay under the blankets, sip some hot chocolate, and take a nap! ::yawns::