What is a Product Review?

Send a product that you would like me to review on. I then will write a review for that product and post it on my blog. I will NEVER write a negative review, about your product. The product review, will stay visible on my blog in archives for at least 1 year. This is a great way to get exposure for your company, and maybe even introduce the world to a new product! You can offer a giveaway for your product but it’s not required.

  • You will be responsible for all shipping costs
  • Please allow me 2-4 weeks after receiving your product to do a review (this gives me time to use your product, and experience what your product has to offer).
  • I keep the product that I’m reviewing
  • Family friendly products

How do I become a Sponsor?

It’s simple. All you need to do is contact me at one of the following:



Interests & Companies I’ve Worked For:

I’m interested in all sorts of products. I love learning about any new product out there in the market. This is how I see it. Every product is unique, and has it’s own originality. I wouldn’t know about half the products out there, if it wasn’t for blogs like me. I’ve learned so much through them. Most of the time, these products will never have the chance to reach small towns like mine. That’s why it’s so important to me, that I share with my family, friends, and others like myself! I’ve missed out on so many great products throughout the years. I really do believe this is from living in a small town. I take my work very serious, and set high expectations for myself. I set my goals high, and try to accomplish each and everyone of them. I’m a hard worker, and try to be a perfectionist. I can guarantee 100% when it comes to reviewing your product, and working with your company. I give it my all, and love getting the job done right! You might ask yourself, “What do you have to offer?” I can bring new followers to your Facebook/Twitter page, numbers for your website, exposure for your product, and company. I will review your product is a courteous manner, and share with others, about your product.


  • 28 year old male
  • 26 year old female
  • 6 year old female


  • Mom’s Blogger Club
  • My Blog Spark
  • Mom Select
  • MommyParties
  • HouseParty
  • BlogFrog
  • CafeMom
  • Vocalpoint
  • Blop Hops
  • Several Social Sites


  • Febreze
  • Country Bob’s
  • TruKid
  • Kidzies
  • CrazyDog T-Shirts
  • Gorton’s Seafood
  • Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn
  • Glow Crazy
  • Send A Ball
  • The Libman Company
  • Levaqua
  • UGLee Pen
  • Doodle Roll
  • Bioken
  • Green Toys
  • Contain This!
  • Farm Rich


I’d be honored to do a review, or review/giveaway for your company. I love working with companies, and I love reviewing products. I love sharing my opinion with others, about products that are out there, or new to the shelf!

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

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