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Our *AMAZING* Adventure to Disney On Ice!!


I had been wanting to do something special for my rugrat princess since she had been doing so great in school. She was seeing all these commercials about her favorite Disney characters coming to town. I thought this would be a perfect surprise since she’s never been to anything like this! I opened my mouth sooner than what I should because when I went to search for tickets they were outrageous! Later I found out I was looking in the wrong place. I decided I was going to enter a few giveaways and try to win tickets! I had told her we couldn’t go and it broke her heart into a million pieces she was absolutely shattered. I had to find away to get those tickets someway, somehow!! Finally one morning I got an email saying, “Disney On Ice Winner” and I was just absolutely estatic and in shock!! I started jumping up and down because I knew this would make my rugrat princess’ day!! I eventually told her and hubby and they were so excited! We were going to see Disney On Ice!! Thanks to “Macaroni Kid” & “Feld Inc” also a special thanks to Nate Eisenberg over at Feld Inc. for everything! Here we come Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey…

We arrived just in time for the show after getting lost outside so we thought. In all reality we just ended up on the wrong side.

I went to the will call window to pick up my 4 tickets. I had no clue what seats I had and I figured I’d be up at the top somewhere. I started looking at my tickets at it said, “Section 2 , Row C, Seats 1-4” and I said Section 2? That sounds like great seats since I had already looked at the map of the arena. I went to this lady to check anyway. She said, “Well honey you have the best seats in the house, those are floor seats right next to them!” I about freaked because I knew my rugrat princess was in for a shocker!

I took lots of pics with my camera’s screen cracked. I didn’t think the pics would turn out at all that’s why I took so many.

When the performance started Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofty who came stumbling out and landed in the audience. Goofy was always falling down in the audience. I guess ice skating isn’t his thing! ūüėČ I had a pic of him falling in the audience but to many children’s faces to be posting. They welcomed everyone to show and waved to the audience before exiting the stage.

Goofy loved us! He came and sat right infront of our section in the chairs. He was two chairs up from us.

Next we heard the voice of Rafiki from, “The Lion King”¬†and there he came climbing down from “Pride Rock” and explaining about the circle of life.


Simba & Nala the cutest ever!! They told the story of, “The Lion King” and these two skated to my favorite song on the movie. Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” it was so breath taking! You can see by the pics but these pics don’t do it justice.

Simba & Nala

Right after or before this performance Nala jumps out on Timon & Pumba and tries to attack them. Timon freaks out and Pumba says there’s nothing to worry about she’s not going to eat us. Timon disagrees and says lions eat little guys like you and me. Simba reassures them that it won’t happen. Then realizes it’s Nala!

The Lion King Gang

The Lion King characters exit the stage. Mickey & friends return with a change in clothing!

Goofy falls out into the audience again. Mickey & friends do a little hello and performance until the next set of characters come onto the ice. Which comes one of my favorites of all time. Our seats were absolutely fabulous!!! We loved them!! The Little Mermaid…

Flounder & Ariel

Sebastian was the first character from, “The Little Mermaid” to arrive on stage and then he welcomed Ariel’s sisters to stage but no Ariel to be found. He says, “Ariel, oh Ariel where is that girl?” Of course Ariel is in an under the sea adventure looking for treasures as always! It was so awesome because they had a bubble machine above the arena that sent thousands of bubbles into the audience and over the ice!! We were catching bubbles in our hands and the kids really loved that especially rugrat princess!! The Little Mermaid & The Lion King are two of her favorites so far but she loves whos next too!!

Sebastian & other under the sea creatures

Flounder! He's so adorable!


 The evil Ursella tricked Ariel into one of her little plots as always. Trying to trick her to come with her. This Ursella was HUGE too it was awesome! Then Eric comes and rescues his princess!

Ariel & Eric such a beautiful couple!! Look at this performance absolutely breath taking!

Ursella was defeated by Eric and I wondered where King Triton was at this point in time?

 This was a HUGE, HUGE blow up of Ursella that reached the upper level of the Arena! When Eric defeated Ursella she shrunk like this with a bunch of *fog* rising from the ice! Great effects!! Really great!!

Eric saved his Princess and stole her heart by planting a nice warm kiss on her lips. They rode away into the undersea floors and lived happily ever after!

Next it was time for Hula classes with, “The Lilo & Stitch” characters!! First entering the stage was Lilo’s hula teacher and classmates including Mertle! They walked out on the ice down a set of stairs. Guess who was running behind as always?¬†LILO!!! She ran in with her bathing suit on with the pau over it. Running behind her teacher was mad.

Mertle & Lilo got into a fist fight here! LOL it was funny!

Aww Lilo & her sister Nony. Lilo telling Nony "O'Hana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten"

 Right after this pic was snapped a falling star (pyro effects went across the top of the arena) shot across the sky and Lilo & Nony were fighting over who saw it first and who gets to make a wish!

Lilo asking God to please send her someone to love and promises she will love them forever. This was right after the shooting star. This was the sweetest part ever that brought tears to your eyes!The next day Lilo discovers "Stitch" who was the shooting star the night before. They began to fight because she has no idea what he is. Notice the spray bottle? LOLMeanwhile Nony returns home. Lilo finally realizes Stitch was her prayers that had came true. God answered her prayers and gave her someone to love. Lilo goes to try and convience Nony into keeping Stitch. Nony's not happy at all and says, "What is it some kind of dog or something?"As you can pretty much imagine what happens next. It's Lilo & Stitch best friends at first sight!!


Stitch playing in the audience showing some love!



Stitch are you trying to play peek a boo with me? I think so!! You better quit because Lilo looks mad like she wants to beat me up! LOL

OH NO! The alien queen put a request in for Stitch to be brought back to outerspace!

Jumba & Pleakley carry Stitch away after the queen alien commander orders!

The Queen Alien Commander & the a fight in the background to try and get Stitch back!

Stitch knows how to play the guitar? Of course!! Not only that but to the King!! He loves Elvis just like his best bud Lilo!


Daisy & Donald what two love birds they're!!

Here's Tinkerbell!!

Peter Pan & friends flying high in the sky with the help of a beautiful little fairy Tinkerbell!

Really awesome once again!

Peter Pan looks at my hubby & daughter and asks them, "Do you want some?" They didn't answer because their shy. Hubby finally shakes his head no. Peter Pan shakes his head no also and makes this face! LOL He should have asked me I would have drunk some. It ended up being "POSINIOUS MILK!!" Good thing he didn't ask me!! ūüėČ

OH NO!! Tinkerbell drunk the posinious milk! She fell over into the audience. Peter Pan was sad that he didn't listen to Tinkerbell when she tried to tell him it was posinious. He told the audience we can bring her back by saying, "We Believe!"

We brought Tinkerbell back to life!! She was so happy and blew us kisses. She started sprinkling fairy dust everywhere!

Captain Kirk & gang rolling in on their ship

Captain Kirk is in town!

He's so mean to this little guy. He's always knocking him around and poking him in the butt. This guy actually landed on his head with his feet face up! I have a pic of his feet sticking straight up in the boat.

I heard all this noise behind me and I turned around and saw this. Like 20 guys of Kirk's pirate crew marching out. Captain Kirk had exited behind me too and I took a pic but it didn't show up. He was looking right at my camera! Kirk & his crew enter for war!

Marching, marching and waiting...

Some of the guys were really girls but shhh don't tell. Just our *secret* over here at Mommy's Little Rugrat Princess! ;)My little rugrat princess is in the bottom right of this pic with the swirly pink hair thing. Her and two other little girls who were sitting infront of us decided to go to the very front seats that were empty through the whole show! I can't say I blame them! I just thought about it. I bet those were left empty for a reason. Goofy kept sitting there and falling down. Alot of characters came to that spot. Anyway Peter Pan defeats Kirk and his crew... It's time for Tinkerbell to use her fairy wand and sprinkle her fairy dust to get these kids back home before mom & dad arrives back at home!

Tinkerbell is so happy now!

Mom, dad & I forget that animals name...After Peter Pan segment ended. All the characters minus Kirk/pirates enter the stage again. They skate around to each part of the arena to say their goodbyes and thank us for coming out to see them! Rafiki enters like he did in the beginning!

Lilo & Stitch break it down!

Simba, Nala, Pumba, & Timon join in on the action with Lilo & Stitch!

Daisy loves us and you can really tell she's going to miss us!! We love Daisy!

Goofy be careful you might fall!

Peter, Daisy,mom, & Donald show us how they do it!

Tinkerbell is ready to fly off into Fairy World & all the friends say goodbye to her!

Tinkerbell & all the friends saying, "Goodbye"

Minnie is tired after one night in Cincinnati and tells us "Bye friends"

Now it’s time to say goodbye to Mickey & friends. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse!! That’s the song they played at the end.


I couldn’t get over how great this show was. It would have definitely been worth the money even if I had to pay. This is a perfect and wonderful experience that I hope my rugrat princess will remember to tell her kids one day. I know it’s a show that will be forever in my head and most definitely in my heart. These actors/actresses figure skaters did such a fantastic job I would give this show 5 stars +++!! It was absolutely breath taking the whole time. I’ve always loved all these shows and characters so it meant alot to me also. Thank you to Disney, Macaroni Kid, Feld Inc., & Nate for making a dream come true for a little girl and two big kids!!

*~*DREAMS DO COME TRUE*~* with “Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey”


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