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Green Toys "Pink Tool Set" Review


Pink Tool Kit - Green Toys™ - Good Green Fun™

Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet. Green Toys have such a nice variety of toys from vehicles, building blocks, cookware, gardening sets, tea sets, indoor/outdoor toys, and even a teething toy for babies! They have toys for children of all ages!

I’ve always been a fan to any green product! I’m a real HUGE fan to green toys! I mean what’s better than knowing your child is playing with a toy, that has been recycled, and made out of environmentally friendly materials! That’s why I couldn’t wait to review the “Green Toys™ Pink Tool Set”.  I knew my little rugrat princess would be so excited! As I’ve said before, she’s a mixture between a princess, but a tom boyish rugrat at the same time! She always using her daddy’s tools to play with. That’s why I knew this tool set would be a huge hit for her!

When she opened the package up, and seen what was inside, she was so excited! She wanted to hurry, and open it, and get right to work! She had the biggest grin on her face, and her eyes, were round as an apple! Indeed she got right to work!


Green Toys – Made in the USA




As you can see from the pictures, she loved this tool set! She loves playing with it, right before she goes to bed. She pretends like she’s building mommy something, or fixing something in the house. She told her daddy, “Look daddy now I have tools just like you! I don’t have to play with yours anymore!”

What I really loved about this tool set first off, was that it’s made of recycled plastic, and environmentally friendly materials. Second, that it’s made in the good ole’ USA! Not only that, but this a nice, fun, safe toy that any little girl can enjoy, and have tons of fun for hours! I know my rugrat does! It has a nice variety of tools to use. These tools aren’t made out of cheap plastic either. Like the plastic toys, that end up broken in a week! These are made of hard plastic, that won’t bend or break! Your child can take them outside, and play in the dirt with them, and their easy to wipe clean! Whenever your little girl decides to play house, with her baby dolls, she can get out this tool set, and fix her broken stroller. Maybe even the refrigerator, in her kitchen, that just doesn’t seem to be working right!

I really think this tool set, helps little girls to be independent, and know that they can use tools,  just as well as boys can! I really think it lets little girls express themselves, and show the side that isn’t always about, playing with Barbie’s, baby dolls, and princesses!  It doesn’t end there! I mean who knows, maybe one day when your car breaks down, on the side of the road. Your little girl who’s a grown woman now, just might be able to fix your car! You might get lucky, and be able to skip, those expensive mechanics to do the job ! Just think it all started with her playing with the,“Green Toys™ Pink Tool Set” when she was younger!

*To learn more about this product & other green toys click here


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Disclosure: Mommy’s Little Rugrat Princess, did not receive any monetary compensation to review this product. I was sent the product above for free, to do a review on. All opinions, are honest, and my own, and receiving this product for free, did no affect my opinion, in anyway. Thank you to Green Toys Inc., for the product, and letting me share my opinion, of your product. Facebook is in no way, associated with this review, and is released from any, and all liability.


What will be the name chosen for "Good Luck Charlie" new bundle of joy?



Are you guys READY??? Tonight we find out who the baby’s new gender and name!!! Make sure you tune in June 24th at 8pm EST.

Do you think your name will be picked?

***UPDATE*** We’re so HAPPY that our name was chosen!!! I knew it was going to be a …..

CONGRATS Mr. & Mrs. Duncan on your new bundle of joy!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Enjoy your new sibling Duncan children!!

Disney Channel

3 hours ago via Disney Channel

The big moment has finally arrived! Will it be a baby boy or girl?!
Don’t miss the Duncan family’s very special delivery in an all-new Good Luck Charlie tonight at 8p/7c!

Miss Jackie’s Views "Platypus Australia Children’s Swimwear" Giveaway


Young girls swimwearYoung  boys swimwear

Are you guys ready for another awesome giveaway?  This one is indeed an awesome one for the summer! This is a great for those summer days outside in the pool, or great when hitting the beach! Your child will definitely be in style this summer wearing a Platypus Australia suit!

Platypus Australia offers short sleeve and long sleeve sunshirts, board shorts, swim skirts, boyleg pants, bike shorts, skirts, girls one piece and kini suits, boys sunsuits, sun jackets and hats in sizes ranging from 6 months to 14. The patterns and colors of Platypus swimwear are vibrant and tasteful.

Platypus Australia is giving away one outfit (shirt and shorts or suit) and hat of the winner’s choice through a review/giveaway coordinated by the blog Miss Jackie’s Views.

To read the full review of Platypus Australia visit Miss Jackie’s View.


 Platypus Australia swim suit with a hat of your choice

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This giveaway is opened to US & Canada ONLY & ends at midnight on June 29th.

Winner of Bioken Enfanti "Anti-Dandruff"



  I wanted to say thank you to everyone who entered! Make sure you guys are really doing the entries, because the first person that was chosen for this “didn’t” do the Mandatory Entry. They said they did but when I tried finding them on my page I didn’t see them anywhere. Therefore I had to choose a new winner.

#33 – Rondah


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Old Navy: Flip Flops $1 June 30th!


Old Navy is the place to be June 30th!! You may ask why?


You can buy FLIP FLOPS FOR $1!!

Woohoo! There is a limit of 5 pairs per customer! Not too shabby I must say! I mean a girl can never have too many flip flops right? Make sure you mark this on your calendars ladies, and gentlemen!


Walgreens: Suave Shampoo + Conditioner *FREE* after RR


If you have a Walgreen’s nearby, well I would suggest getting your butt over there to grab this *DEAL* !! Winking smile

There is a “Registered Reward” deal going on this week on Suave products. If you buy 2 Suave products, you get $2 back in RR. Their shampoo and conditioner are priced at $1 each, so that makes it to where you get 2 products *FREE* after RR. Easy peasy! No coupons needed!


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Pampers Gifts To Grow Code -10 Points!


I know you guys enjoy these codes to earn points! I hope you all have been saving them up! Remember, you can get some AWESOME things with these reward points, and even use your points to try and win prizes! You can read more here about ways to save points for great gifts!

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Miss Jackie’s View "Copper River Bag" Giveaway



Hey guys!! Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve missed you guys so much!! It seems like there’s always something going on with me, health wise anyway. I’ve been back and forth to the hospitals and doctors. My throat almost swelled shut in April. About a week ago, my tongue was so swollen, that they were afraid my airways were going to close. Had to stay in the hospital, and be monitored with heart monitors, and an IV in me. In medical terms, what I have is called, “Angiodema” and it says, that only 6,000 people, in the world have it. It’s suppose to be hereditary, but I don’t know anyone who has this. I was released from the hospital last Saturday.

Anyway, I really do apologize for the lack of posts. I know you guys love giveaways, as much as I do. I wanted to introduce you to a new blog called, “Miss Jackie’s Views” where you can stay updated on all the latest beauty, fashion, children’s and housekeeping products! I haven’t been a fan for long, but so far I really love what I’ve been reading! She has a brand new giveaway, that I think you guys will love! I know I love it! She will be giving away a “Copper River Bag” of choice to one lucky reader! You definitely don’t want to miss this! This is a Rafflecopter giveaway that ends June, 24th!

To enter the giveaway go here!

Winner of the "Doodle Roll"




#61 – Alicia Z.


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