Julep Maven "Beauty Box" for *ONLY* $0.01



What a *DEAL* I have for you today! Right now, only a couple more days left to use this code. You’ll be able to get EVERYTHING pictured here for only 1 penny *PLUS* FREE SHIPPING! Yes, that’s right for only $0.01!! Julep is an awesome website that sends out different boxes of beauty products each month. They send out different nail polish with those each month. I know they have themes to go with them. For example, they had a special box they sent out for the Oscar’s that included everything to do with the red carpet and such. You pay $19.95 and you get a nice box of goodies!

Anyway, I’m going to share a code with you to get your first box for *ONLY* 1 penny! If you decide you don’t want your next month’s box for $19.95 you can go in and cancel your subscription. I actually used a prepaid credit card that had like $0.41 left on it, and it went through! It only took 3-4 days for me to receive this also! My favorite is the hand scrub! Smile

Here’s what you do:

Click here, then on “Add To Bag”

Go to checkout

At checkout use code SHAREONMARCH

Then it should finally show your Total as $0.01 + *FREE* Shipping!

(Remember you only have today & tomorrow to use this code)


Hope you enjoy! I love mine! Smile


***REMEMBER*** to cancel if you don’t want them to take $19.95 off your card the following month!!


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