*FREE* Wisdom Kit from American Diabetes Association



Find out below how to get this very kit from the American Diabetes Association

Many are diagnosed with diabetes, or know someone close to them that is. From experience, I can tell you diabetes can really take it’s toll on someone. My hubby was just diagnosed with Type 2 last year, and had it long before he was even diagnosed. He just knew something was wrong when he was constantly feeling bad all the time. All he wanted to do is sleep, he’d feel light headed, lack of energy, headaches, and his heart would do some crazy things he would always say. It’s been a rough road! He’ll have days when he feels awesome, but other days he just wants to lay in bed. He has to take his medicine every time he eats, and has to poke his fingers everyday! Ouchie! That’s all I can say every time I do it! Of course the days he wants to eat awful, is when he feels it the next day. The doctor just did his blood work, and it came back that he was actually doing good so that’s a huge plus!

Now we both think that I’m borderline, or possibly Type 2 because of how I’ve been feeling, and the readings I always get when I check it with the meter. I know I should be getting it checked out already. I will eventually, after this “Bell’s Palsy” or whatever it is situation! They canceled my CT scan, so now I have a new appointment set up for that. It’s really starting to aggravate me, that their not taking this as “serious” as they should! I should have had a CT scan a week ago! Umm….HELLO anybody out there that cares? GRRR!!

Anyway, back to diabetes…. it’s definitely, definitely something you should take serious!  If you’ve been diagnosed, and don’t take the medicine, please think twice about it! Someone we know personally went completely BLIND because he didn’t take his diabetes serious. Since my hubby has been diagnosed, so many people have told me stories about their loved ones, and diabetes. A elderly woman who works at our local Wal-Mart overheard our conversation, and came up to me and said, “Honey, please make sure your husband takes care of his diabetes. My brother lost his legs, and then died from it.” I felt so heartbroken for her, but it really made me sad for my hubby. Could I imagine my little rugrat without her father? Could I imagine him not being by our side! Very sad to say the least

Last year, I ordered this above kit after hubby was diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t really know what was going to be in the kit when I sent off for it. I was excited when I seen everything that came in it! My hubby uses the lunch bag for work! Then there’s some cute little games for the family, and the kids! A lot of useful information in this kit. I really applaud the American Diabetes Association for putting this amazing kit together for those who are going through or know someone that is! Job well done guys!

You can request your own “Wisdom Kit” from American Diabetes Association by clicking here 
*Make sure you check the first box*


Wisdom Kit Includes:

– ADA Lunch Bag

– Diabetes Dictionary

– Pocket Size Carb Counting Tool

– Juggling Balls

– Dry Erase Emergency Contact Refrigerated Magnet (Includes marker)

– Interactive Card Game (Includes notepad, pencil & hourglass)

– Informational & Inspirational DVD

– Guide for Parents

– Guide for Child with Diabetes

– Guide for Teen with Diabetes

– Guide for the Sibling


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