You will always be loved Whitney Houston!



R.I.P Whitney Houston

August 9, 1963 – February 11th, 2012

Wow! It’s hard to even have words for this post. My heart is truly saddened by this. I just can’t seem to get over it. My heart aches for the family and friends of this beautiful, amazing talent! I just wish life would have treated Whitney a little different. I wish people could have been less harsh too her, but most of all I wish she could have overcome her personal demons. Whitney you meant a lot to me and so many! I grew up listening to you. I loved all of your songs, because of your unique beautiful voice! In my opinion, no one will ever be able to replace you on that level. You’ll always be my all time favorite female artist! The movie, “The Bodyguard” was a movie I’ll never forget. That was my favorite movie in the 90’s and how you sung “I Will Always Love You” was like no other! It just sent chills down my spine every time I heard you sing that song. I remember all of us girls use to sit at the end of the bus singing songs and that was one of our favorites because of you Whitney.


What hurts the most is I know what you were going through in life Whitney minus some things. I know the feeling of fighting addiction- everyday is a struggle! I’ve had one for 8 years, been sober for 2 1/2. I’ve always hid it from everyone, but I really think it needs to be addressed. Everyone has always assumed that there was something going on with me, but I always denied anything being wrong. Just know there’s help out there! If I hadn’t got helped with my problem, then I’d probably be right there with you. I couldn’t have done this by myself either. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed that I had an addiction. It’s made me who I am today because I realize how quick something so little can take over your whole world. Your not in charge of your life anymore, that little thing is! It’s so powerful, that even if you touch it once, it can take over your whole world and flip it upside down on you. I’m living proof of that!


Tried it for the first time, and I was hooked! I didn’t get it because I was injured. I got it because my friend had it and told me to try it. I kept saying, “No!” quite a few times. There was 3 of them that kept saying, “C’mon it’s not bad, you’ll like how you feel”. I was scared pretty much shaking because I didn’t even like taking Tylenol. I always just got over my pain without taking anything for it. I can tell you It’s no life to live! It’s pure hell! I have permanent damage now because of it. I’ve hurt myself most of all, and I’m distant from my family because of it. If I could tell someone who’s going through this it’d be, “To get help! You may be waiting to hit rock bottom but that rock bottom may never come. You can’t do it by yourself, you need help! You just have to take one day at a time. It does get better and it does get easier! I promise the grass is greener on the other side!


Now I can look at life in a different perspective. I look forward to the little things in life now. Before I had no emotions at all! The addiction took away all that, besides the being angry and grouchy all the time! It took away everything! I sold everything I owned to get it. I’m still learning how to get my emotions back slowly. I find myself crying to just about everything now. They say that everyone who has an addiction is trying to melt their problems away with their drug of choice or alcohol. I think the biggest thing for me was that I balled all my emotions up inside after my mom passed away when I was only 16. I kept my emotions in so bad, that I didn’t even shed one tear at her funeral. No joke! I was VERY close to my mom, we were frick and frack! Then I had a few more problems I was dealing with at the time.


Also, to parents you think your child will never do this because I taught them different. NOT TRUE! I grew up with a mother and father that didn’t drink or do anything. They raised me wonderful! I was never around anything like that all through school. Got out of school had a great head on my shoulders, and started down the wrong path in life. I wouldn’t change anything though because I met my hubby, and then had my daughter. They keep me strong, and keep me going everyday! Most of all I thank God for helping me through my struggles, and demons that I’ve overcome.


If you have any questions, or anything please feel free to ask. If their personal just look underneath “Contact Me” and email me. If your going through this and want help but just don’t know how to go about doing it, please email me. I will help you as much as I can! Anyone with any kind of addiction I hold you close to my heart, because I know what your going through. I know how people look at you and treat you because of it. If you haven’t walked in our shoes I ask you please not to judge us, but help us. Hold our hand, don’t push it away. Smile at us, instead of the dirty looks. Talk to us, not about us. Forgive us, not forget us. Love us, don’t disown us. Get us help, don’t turn your backs. We love you, we just need another kick start in life. We don’t want to be like this, it’s just that we have to have more to be able to function. I couldn’t eat, sleep, think or do anything without it. We want to be normal just like everyone else. Not everyone steals to get what they need. Some just work everyday to support their addiction! You’d be surprised how many are fighting it, and are ashamed to get help or admit it because of how the world treats them. This is why I think we should talk about it more!

Well that’s enough about me for one day, and I might even lose a few readers because you may look at me different now. I would hope not, but it does happen.


Whitney you’ll be missed, you had the sweetest angelic voice that no one will ever forget. You’ve touched so many lives, in more ways than you may ever know! Your legacy lives on beautiful. No bodyguard now needed, because you have the greatest protector of all.

Until we see you again…We will always love you! XOXO


About Mommy's Little Rugrat Princess

What can I say I love my family!! I love God who's been great to me throughout the years and helped me get pass the rocky road I was headed down. He's blessed my family and I in so many ways that words can't even describe. I thank God for everything in my life especially blessing me with such a wonderful family. I love deals, freebies, samples, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, instant win games, products, reviews,and of course my favorite GIVEAWAYS !!! I love learning about new products that will probably never reach my hometown. This is why I love giveaways so much, by winning something that no one has ever heard of or ever seen here in this little town. I love sharing with them all about the product and what it does. Then their always wondering where they can get their own!! :) I love dealing with companies and learning about how they started. I think it's very interesting learning about their background and where they came from. What can I say I'm a simple girl from a small town who loves the 21st century! I've only been doing this since January, 2011 and have saved my family a lot whether it may be food, toys, clothes, hygiene products, household items, or just going out for a family outing. I found this is my passion and I love doing what I do. I love writing and hope this will be an awesome blog for you!! Well, that's all about me for now! ;)

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  1. I have to congratulate you on your honesty with your own personal story and your sobriety. I have seen many people (Including some who were/are very close to me) go down the path of personal destruction because of addiction. Something that seems very innocent and even fun in the beginning can turn on you before you even realize how strong of a hold it has on you. Celebrities like Whitney are not above the problems of real life, they just live with their addictions on the front page instead of behind closed doors. Whitney RIP and thank you for the beautiful legacy of music that you have left for us.

    • Thank you Michelle! Your post describes everything in detail. Such a wonderful post! Your exactly right on addiction. There should be some kind of law passed that when a celebrity is overcoming something like this, that no one is allowed to post or publish on their problem. I can do some wishful thinking right? 🙂 Whitney has touched lives in ways that she will never know. God Bless!

  2. You are an amazing person! People don’t realize that addiction is an illness. For people to overcome addiction, there needs to be a strong support system to encourage that person that they can and will beat their addiction. Too many people get beat up because no one understands what that person is going through. For you to speak about your own problems is so wonderful and so amazing because you have been down that road. I applaud you on your sobriety and you are truly inspiring! May God continue to bless you, keep you strong, and watch over you! Well said!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this. Your honesty is refreshing. Thanks for your comment on the other post regarding your thoughts on addiction. I decided not to reply to you there because I wasn’t sure just yet if I wanted to keep that conversation with rmv going. There’s a lot more that I could say to him/her. I could even put a link to my blog post that shows that, yes indeed, I can explain how addiction works on the brain. But I’m a little tired right now for dealing with that person’s negative vibes.

    Anyhow, I just want to congratulate you on being sober for 2 1/2 years. That is no small feat and I hope you continue to stay strong and live a beautiful life 🙂

    – Cafe ❤

    • Thank you!! 🙂 I know rmv has not a clue about addiction! It’s easy to sit there and put something down, when you’ve never been through it or don’t know about it. That person is really a waste of time. They already have their mind made up about what they “think” they know, so it’s hard to change that. They might just get a taste of their own medicine one day. Until then only God can judge-not rmv! They will be judged one day for their actions and words against others.

      • Yes, it is easy to judge when you haven’t been there. We’re all guilty of that until hopefully something eye-opening happens and people realize how hurtful and unfair it is to be looked down on by others who really have no idea what you’re going through. So hopefully that does happen with rmv and others at some point so they can stop with the hurtful comments!

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