Our Christmas *SORRY* at least I got it in before the year was OVER :) :P



Okay, so this is really LATE but we’ve been really busy. Especially, with my father in law being really sick it’s been hard to post what I’ve been wanting to. Family always comes first, and I know you guys would totally agree with that.

I’m taking down our Christmas tree after the ball drops (or tomorrow evening), I always leave the tree up until then, because my mom always did. It’s in memory of her, her b-day is Jan 6th, her favorite holiday was Christmas, and it’s always been a tradition.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I hope everyone had a great Christmas because I didn’t get to post on that. I hope you got everything you wished for! We had an amazing Christmas, with everyone in great spirits which meant the most to me! I haven’t had a Christmas like this since my mom was alive. It was just different from all the other Christmas’. Maybe it’s coming to the terms of accepting the thought that she won’t be with us during Christmas, after these 10 years? Wow, can’t believe it’s been that long, but I don’t think it gets any easier you just get stronger. I know she must have been wanting us to have a wonderful Christmas this year, and asked Jesus to bless us with so much! The house decorated is in our town, they go ALL out! This is only 1 of 6 pictures! One year they had REAL animals outside for the manger. Like a camel, donkeys, and lambs!

We were able to actually afford gifts for the family this year, and then still have plenty for our little family! Here are a few favorites that we got this Christmas.


My present from the best hubby in the world & my awesome little rugrat princess a mommy could have! I also loved my “Heat” Beyonce perfume & Bengals hoodie that I received from my mother in law/father in law, & of course moo-la $ that I got from my dad & bro!



Here are some of the presents the rugrat princess received that she loves. Her Tony Hawk bike from “Santa” & Rockboard scooter from “Santa” aka Mommy & Daddy! lol Her Barbie “Hairtastic” salon doll she received from Mamaw & Papaw. She also loves her Voice Rockrz mic, Glow Crazy Dome, Fur Real Cat, & money she got! Spoiled? I think NOT! It’s just living in a “princess” world! Just kidding!! LOL I had to say something cheesy like that!


Really OLD pics!

My hubby favorite gift was his “JL Audio” amp & subs from rugrat princess & I. His “Cool Water” gift set from his mom & dad, & his money from the in-laws.


OH MY!! How time flies!! This makes me really sad, my baby at 2 1/2 years old! Oh where, oh where have the years gone? WOW! Now I think I’ll just take some time to cry now.


Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, with a great New Year to come!!


We caught Santa this year infront of our tree! You can catch him too at iCaughtSanta.com


About Mommy's Little Rugrat Princess

What can I say I love my family!! I love God who's been great to me throughout the years and helped me get pass the rocky road I was headed down. He's blessed my family and I in so many ways that words can't even describe. I thank God for everything in my life especially blessing me with such a wonderful family. I love deals, freebies, samples, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, instant win games, products, reviews,and of course my favorite GIVEAWAYS !!! I love learning about new products that will probably never reach my hometown. This is why I love giveaways so much, by winning something that no one has ever heard of or ever seen here in this little town. I love sharing with them all about the product and what it does. Then their always wondering where they can get their own!! :) I love dealing with companies and learning about how they started. I think it's very interesting learning about their background and where they came from. What can I say I'm a simple girl from a small town who loves the 21st century! I've only been doing this since January, 2011 and have saved my family a lot whether it may be food, toys, clothes, hygiene products, household items, or just going out for a family outing. I found this is my passion and I love doing what I do. I love writing and hope this will be an awesome blog for you!! Well, that's all about me for now! ;)

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