You learn something new everyday! -Hide The Christmas Pickle-


Roman The Christmas Pickle Ornament

It’s true, that you learn something new everyday, whether you know it or not. Today, on facebook I seen a few people talking about, “The Christmas Pickle” and if everyone does this as a tradition, or not. I was clueless, with a few others on what, “The Christmas Pickle” was all about. It’s a pickle ornament, that you hide on the Christmas Tree. Whoever, finds it first gets a prize! I thought that was really cool, and would be fun to do! I’m sure this pickle would be hard to find!

The Christmas Pickle, has stirred up quite some controversy on it’s place of origin. It has been told many times, to be a German tradition. However, the Germans do not celebrate the coming of Saint Nick, the same time as the Americans. The traditional German belief, is you leave your boot, or shoe out on December 5th. When you awake on December 6th, there will be a goody in your shoe. Unless, you’ve been bad, which you will then receive a rod.

To play, “The Christmas Pickle” or “Hide the Pickle” you must first purchase a pickle ornament that you can find at most department stores, such as, Dillard’s, Macys, JcPenney, etc. Most of these will be made of glass so be careful!

On Christmas Eve, after the children are in bed sound asleep. Get the ornament, and hide it in the tree, and make sure you stand back to see if you can see it. If you can see it, then hide it in a better spot! *NOTE* Green trees work the best, because it’s hard to hide the pickle in a white tree.

When your child/children wake up, on Christmas morning, have them look for the pickle, somewhere in the decorated tree. The first one to find the pickle wins! The prize is usually something special like, an extra present, or cash!

You can find, “The Christmas Pickle Ornament” on Amazon for $7.99+ (S&H) by clicking here

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