Glow Crazy "Distance Doodler" Review *Holiday Gift Guide 2011*


Glow Crazy Distance Doodler -  BIGiggle - Toys"R"Us

Do your children like glow in the dark stuff? My little rugrat princess sure does! Let me tell you about this wonderful, and amazing product called, “Distance Doodler” by Glow Crazy that I was sent to do a review on. This toy isn’t like any other glow in the dark toy I’ve ever seen. My little rugrat princess absolutely loves things that glow in the dark so, I knew she would be extremely excited about the, “Distance Doodler!” When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to give it to her. She was jumping up, and down wondering what it was. Let me just tell you, my hubby was literally more excited than she was! If you can picture that! I haven’t seen them get this excited about something, for quite sometime! I have to say, I couldn’t even wait to try it out.

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It comes with, the magic lightwand, 3 color clings, 3 super clings, 4 stencil sheets, and a fun tip booklet! You stick the clings to a clean wall, door, or even ceiling! What’s so cool, is you’ll be able to remove the clings whenever you want, and replace them somewhere else! *Clings Not Recommended For Wallpaper* The lightwand takes 2 AAA batteries, so parents don’t forget those! You can tell from the smile on rugrat princess face that she loves this!


You can use the lightwand (which is a laser light), to draw pictures in the dark onto the clings. You can draw and write at the same time! You can even draw cool designs 10 feet away! You’ll have cool features like the “Widebeam Erase Feature” to help erase the drawings, you might have messed up on. The “Silhouette Feature” is cool, to use for shadow puppets, or a shadow or yourself! Play tic-tac toe or glow tag!


You can also, use the awesome stencils that comes with it, to make some beautiful pictures like I made above! 🙂 It’s a seahorse, turtle, and fishies! You’ll find rockets, stars, trucks, cars, and moon stencils. Maybe, you even want to make your own stencils? You’ll find cool tips, to help you with that and tons more in the, “Fun Tip Booklet”. This product, is for ages 6 and up, but I don’t see why it’d be a problem with younger kids, as long as there’s parental supervision! This is a great product to draw on the wall with, instead of little ones using crayons. The buttons are very easy to push.

It’s just hours, and hours of fun! A great product, to have whenever the electricity is out! I know my child gets so bored, if we have a bad storm, and the electricity is out. I don’t think we’ll have that problem anymore! We loved it so much, that we went out, and bought the little rugrat princess the, “Doodle Dome” for Christmas. It’s a glow in the dark tent, that you can write all over. Another, Glow Crazy product that I know we’ll love! I will post a review on that once we’ve tried it out! The only thing, about the “Distance Doodler” that was a little hard for me, was the two buttons. Not being able to see them in the dark, to know which one did what. I kept mixing them up, when I was writing with them! Other than that, this product is perfect! We absolutely loved it! Our little nephew came over the other day, and played with it. He loved it, and wants one for Christmas! Mommy, and daddy is now keeping the “Distance Doodler” since we bought the, “Doodle Dome” for rugrat princess!


The “Distance Doodler” is definitely worth the price! I seen them at our Wal-Mart, but most stores are SOLD OUT! This would make an awesome, Christmas present this year, and any year after!

Go to to grab yours!


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Disclosure: Mommy’s Little Rugrat Princess did not receive any monetary compensation to review this product. I was sent the free product above to do a review on. All opinions are honest and my own and receiving this product for free did no affect my opinion in anyway. Thank you to Glow Crazy for the product and letting me share my opinion of their product. Facebook is in no way associated with this review and released from any and all liability.


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