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Our Christmas *SORRY* at least I got it in before the year was OVER :) :P



Okay, so this is really LATE but we’ve been really busy. Especially, with my father in law being really sick it’s been hard to post what I’ve been wanting to. Family always comes first, and I know you guys would totally agree with that.

I’m taking down our Christmas tree after the ball drops (or tomorrow evening), I always leave the tree up until then, because my mom always did. It’s in memory of her, her b-day is Jan 6th, her favorite holiday was Christmas, and it’s always been a tradition.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I hope everyone had a great Christmas because I didn’t get to post on that. I hope you got everything you wished for! We had an amazing Christmas, with everyone in great spirits which meant the most to me! I haven’t had a Christmas like this since my mom was alive. It was just different from all the other Christmas’. Maybe it’s coming to the terms of accepting the thought that she won’t be with us during Christmas, after these 10 years? Wow, can’t believe it’s been that long, but I don’t think it gets any easier you just get stronger. I know she must have been wanting us to have a wonderful Christmas this year, and asked Jesus to bless us with so much! The house decorated is in our town, they go ALL out! This is only 1 of 6 pictures! One year they had REAL animals outside for the manger. Like a camel, donkeys, and lambs!

We were able to actually afford gifts for the family this year, and then still have plenty for our little family! Here are a few favorites that we got this Christmas.


My present from the best hubby in the world & my awesome little rugrat princess a mommy could have! I also loved my “Heat” Beyonce perfume & Bengals hoodie that I received from my mother in law/father in law, & of course moo-la $ that I got from my dad & bro!



Here are some of the presents the rugrat princess received that she loves. Her Tony Hawk bike from “Santa” & Rockboard scooter from “Santa” aka Mommy & Daddy! lol Her Barbie “Hairtastic” salon doll she received from Mamaw & Papaw. She also loves her Voice Rockrz mic, Glow Crazy Dome, Fur Real Cat, & money she got! Spoiled? I think NOT! It’s just living in a “princess” world! Just kidding!! LOL I had to say something cheesy like that!


Really OLD pics!

My hubby favorite gift was his “JL Audio” amp & subs from rugrat princess & I. His “Cool Water” gift set from his mom & dad, & his money from the in-laws.


OH MY!! How time flies!! This makes me really sad, my baby at 2 1/2 years old! Oh where, oh where have the years gone? WOW! Now I think I’ll just take some time to cry now.


Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, with a great New Year to come!!


We caught Santa this year infront of our tree! You can catch him too at


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Mommy & Rugrat Princess "Wishing You A Safe & Happy New Year"


I wanted to wish everyone a safe & “Happy New Year” hoping that this year brings you lots of joy and blessings! Whatever happened in 2011, that may have brought you “pain” leave it in 2011 because baby we’re moving onto 2012!! That’s the past, so let’s put the past behind us. Let’s move on, and celebrate each day to the fullest. We need to count each day as a blessing, and look forward to bigger and better things! It’s only YOU that can make it happen, and make the change in your life with the new 2012 year! I’m looking forward to celebrating this year with all my readers! I’m looking forward to sharing lots of deals, products, & more with you. Again, if you decide to celebrate please be safe & *DON’T DRINK & DRIVE* call *FREE* cab 1-800-222-4357 save it in the phone!

Here are a few of my New Year resolutions:

1. Getting in better shape for my health!

*yeah, yeah this is a hard one that everyone says but never keeps. I see your eyes rolling 🙂 It’s very important because my hubby is a diabetic, & I’m borderline. I’ve been feeling really sick lately because of it.*

2. Start looking for a home to buy

3. The car we’ve been wanting

4. Become a great blog for my readers


What’s your New Years resolutions?

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Levaqua 220 OneTouch Fixed Digital Showerhead *REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*


  Levaqua Showerhead

What can I say? When it comes to getting time to myself, and just to relax, I don’t get much of it! In fact, it almost never happens! I know you parents, and anyone who has kids, know exactly how I feel!! It’s like, can I get a break? When I was sent the, “Levaqua® 220 OneTouch™ Fixed Digital Showerhead” to do a review on, I didn’t realize how amazing it would be! Levaqua has also offered the same showerhead to one of my lucky readers!!!


When it first arrived I was extremely, EXCITED!! I had always used the simple, and smaller showerheads, that had little water pressure behind them. When I saw this showerhead with all the features, my mouth just dropped! My hubby, and I were so excited to hurry, and install it! I thought it would be complicated, but it was so simple- easy peasy! The showerhead uses 4 “AAA” batteries (included). Also, make sure when installing your new showerhead, to be careful and not to over-tighten it!


My hubby wanted to try it out first. All I kept hearing was the, “Awws” and all I kept thinking to myself was, “I think I have a little competition on my hands!” He just kept saying how awesome it was! I couldn’t wait to be next, and try it out! I loved using all the different settings! They give you the full spa experience, without ever leaving home!!


Pause is a setting I absolutely love! With my old showerhead, I had to always turn the water completely off. It even comes with a Timer mode, so you can control your time in the shower! Maybe your running late for work, and only have 5 minutes to get a shower! You can save 20% water consumption by using the “Eco” setting! My favorite setting is the, “Relax” setting!

*The unit also features self-cleaning nozzles for easier maintenance that help reduce mineral and hard water buildup; blue LED indicator lights; and easy installation that takes mere minutes.*


Spray – wide, relaxing spray
Massage – targeted, pulsating spray
Combo – full, drenching spray
Eco – intense, concentrated spray with 20% water savings



Relax – 5 minute cycle relaxes your body using the SPRAY and ECO patterns
Energize – 5 minute cycle invigorates you using the MASSAGE, COMBO, and ECO patterns
Pause – trickles to save, while shaving or lathering up
Timer – to control your time in the shower


– 9 digitally controlled settings
– 4 digitally controlled invigorating spray settings
– Extra large 5-inch shower head for a luxurious shower experience
– One touch pause button, 2 time settings and eco mode for the ultimate in water saving functions
– Quality backed by a 5 year warranty
– 2 preset shower programs for a relaxing or refreshing experience
– Installs in seconds and replaces your existing showerhead


I’m absolutely in love with this showerhead. I can’t think of one thing I didn’t love! Maybe, staying in the shower too long? I can actually get in my shower, turn the hot water on, use the different settings, and feel like I’m in paradise! Literally, I feel like I’m in another world, I get so into my Levaqua showerhead experience! I just feel so relieved from stress, worries, and other problems I’m feeling, by stepping into my shower. My body feels so relaxed, and I can have a wonderful night of sleep, or start my day in a good mood by using the, “Levaqua 220 OneTouch Fixed Digital Showerhead”. I would recommend this showerhead to every household! If you don’t have one yet, I’m telling you, your missing out! Now, I feel like I’m actually getting a break, just by stepping into the shower, & feeling the relaxation it has to offer!

 Levaqua® FH220 – retail price: $59.99 – $89.99

**To learn more about Levaqua showerheads & more go here**



The nice people over at Levaqua, have offered one lucky reader a chance at winning their very own “Levaqua 220 OneTouch Fixed Digital Showerhead” how exciting!!

  To enter the giveaway all you need to do is the, “Mandatory Entry”. I have offered extra entries, for more chances at winning!


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This giveaway is opened to US residents only (No P.O. Boxes). You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. This giveaway will end on Jan 19th at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be chosen at and will be emailed once the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 48 hours before another winner will be chosen.


Disclosure: Mommy’s Little Rugrat Princess did not receive any monetary compensation to run this giveaway. I was sent the following product above for free to review. All opinions are honest and my own, receiving this product for free did not affect or influence my opinion in anyway. Thank you to Levaqua for offering their products for a review and giveaway. A special thanks to Jenna! Facebook is in no way associated with this giveaway and released from any and all liability.

*FREE* Taxi Service for New Years if you want to Celebrate!! **Please Share**



No excuses, folks. Don’t drink & drive- and don’t ride with anybody who does.Tipsy Tow offered by AAA: You don’t have to be a AAA member, from 6pm-6am on New Year’s Eve/Day they will take your drunk BUTT and your car home for FREE. Save this number… 1-800-222-4357 . **Please re-post to any social site & share this if you don’t mind. Let’s get the word out, that there’s *FREE* service for those who want to celebrate New Years.**

If you do drive drunk your putting everyone’s life in danger, including your own. Could you really live with killing a child, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc. What if it was your relative that a drunk driver killed? What if you were the one driving drunk & killed your own family member? Would you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars, thinking about the accident you caused, killing someone’s loved ones? Would you want to live with that guilt for the rest of your life? It’s not worth one night of “having fun”, and risking everyone’s life. Just remember, even if you’ve had one or two beers and think you can drive, DON’T RISK IT! Even, if you’ve done it before!! You might have taken meds earlier in the day that could effect that beer differently. Making that one beer go into effect big time!

Who cares if it takes an extra 30 mins to an hour to get home? Your drunk anyway, so most likely you won’t remember it.

If You Decide To Drink, Drink Responsibly! Don’t Drink & Drive!

***FREE TAXI NEW YEARS EVE/DAY 1-800-222-4357*** (Save in your phones)

**They will also take your car home**


Please don’t put my family or other families in danger.

Be Safe. Have A Happy New Year!!

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