WINNERS "Febreze Carpet Care Giveaway"



$100 AMEX Winner



5 Winners of Febreze Carpet Care Solution

 image image image



I’m so excited to announce the winners of the, “Spending Thanksgiving with Febreze Carpet Care” giveaway! There were so many wonderful stories and I wish I could give a prize to each of you but unfortunately I can’t. A number generator ( was used to pick the winners. I hope you’ve had fun sharing your most bizarre Thanksgiving!! If you haven’t entered the current giveaways make sure you do!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving & remember to pick up Febreze Carpet Care for your carpet needs!


$100 AMEX Gift Card Winner #24 – Odessa Frey


5 Winners of Febreze Carpet Care Solution (Full Size Bottle)

#32-Lisa Walker

#17-Jessica T



Two winners did not respond in time. Had to redraw for the two.

All winners have been confirmed!


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