Dakota Fanning: Is her new fragrance ad causing problems??


Dakota Fanning, 17 has always been a favorite child actress of mine. She’s absolutely amazing starring in movies such as, “I Am Sam” which is a story about a mentally challenged man who fights for the custody of his daughter (played by Fanning). Talking about a tear jerker!! That’s one of my favorite movies of all time. She’s been in so many movies that I love it’s hard to name them all. A few of them include “Man On Fire“, “Hide and Seek“, and “Hounddog“. She’s also does the voice for Lilo from the Disney cartoon “Lilo & Stitch”.

Dakota’s new fragrance is causing some comotion.Well, not the fragrance itself but the racy ad (above) has caused the British to ban it from their shores. They say that this ad is, “sexually provocative” and “irresponsible” since Fanning is still underage. They go on to explain how she’s dressed, and how the new perfume is sitting between her legs. Not only that but the fragrance is called, “Oh, Lola!” which doesn’t make it any better. They actually make a great point by going on saying that Dakota actually looks younger than what she is in this picture. They fear that with that and her appearance it could be seen to sexualize a child. The thing is  Dakota was only 15 when this ad was shot.

There’s one thing that I do know. No matter what the fragrance ad looks like, or whatever else may become controversy in her life. She will always be a great actress, and one that I’ve loved since she’s been so little. No one will ever be able to take away her talent!! To read more about this chaos go here.


What’s your opinion on this whole situation? Should celebrity “young adults” think twice about posting ads, being in the public eye?


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