Been super busy but now I’m back!!


Just wanted to let you know I’ve been super busy these past few days trying to catch up on everything, celebrating my hubby’s birthday, having to do some Christmas shopping, and having the rugrat princess home for 4 days!!!! I love her more than anything but she hasn’t stayed quite for a minute. I mean the whole time she’s been off school. LOL Literally like every second she has something to say!! I love it though and she’s always talking about something that surprise or shocks me and makes me laugh. Her and I were listening to the radio and this song came on and she started dancing away and singing the song like she knew every word!! It was so HILIARIOUS!! You just had to be here to experience it though. Oh yeah, I gave her a new nickname, “Talk Alot”.

I wanted to thank all the men & women who serve our country each and everyday protecting our families. You all are appreciated and I don’t know what we would do without you. Thank you everything you do for my family!!


About Mommy's Little Rugrat Princess

What can I say I love my family!! I love God who's been great to me throughout the years and helped me get pass the rocky road I was headed down. He's blessed my family and I in so many ways that words can't even describe. I thank God for everything in my life especially blessing me with such a wonderful family. I love deals, freebies, samples, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, instant win games, products, reviews,and of course my favorite GIVEAWAYS !!! I love learning about new products that will probably never reach my hometown. This is why I love giveaways so much, by winning something that no one has ever heard of or ever seen here in this little town. I love sharing with them all about the product and what it does. Then their always wondering where they can get their own!! :) I love dealing with companies and learning about how they started. I think it's very interesting learning about their background and where they came from. What can I say I'm a simple girl from a small town who loves the 21st century! I've only been doing this since January, 2011 and have saved my family a lot whether it may be food, toys, clothes, hygiene products, household items, or just going out for a family outing. I found this is my passion and I love doing what I do. I love writing and hope this will be an awesome blog for you!! Well, that's all about me for now! ;)

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