I don’t know if any of you out there are horror fans or not. You will find that I absolutely love horror films because I love being scared and not knowing what’s on the other side of the door. I love a good chase in a movie or that a car won’t start when you need it too! I love just about every horror movie that’s ever been made. Zombie movies are a huge hit because what’s not interesting about a dead person coming back to life chasing you? Okay so I may be a little demented when it comes to horror! =)

This leads me to tell you about the show, “The Walking Dead” who just aired their *SEASON 2* show tonight on AMC. The Walking Dead is written by Robert Kirkman. Robert is an American comic book writer. This show is actually based on one of his comics. He’s also written, “Invincible” for Image Comics & “Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Zombies” for Marvel Comics. Robert is from Kentucky which I think is so awesome because that’s where I’m from and live now!! Thanks Robert for being an awesome Kentuckian!!

On August 12, 2009, it was announced that AMC had picked up the rights to produce a show based on the comic.Frank Darabont wrote, directed and serves as an executive producer. Charles H. Eglee is writer and executive producer. Robert Kirkman is writer and executive producer. A pilot episode was officially ordered on January 21, 2010 and filming began on May 15, 2010.

The series premiered on October 31, 2010 on AMC to universal acclaim. On November 8, 2010, after broadcasting only two episodes, The Walking Dead was renewed for a second season, to consist of 13 episodes, which began on October 16, 2011. (wikipedia)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SHOW!! To me it’s like a soap with zombies. Why I say this is because you actually get to know and come to love the characters instead of all them being killed instantly. The zombies are kick butt on how they look, they have every little detail you can think of!! The humans can be drama sometimes but in the end it’s a fight for survival and see who has who’s back in the end. The first episode which aired tonight was just amazing that’s all I can say, just absolutely amazing!

The humans started their journey to see if there’s life out there to which could be some help to them.

Rick Grimes (*sexy* Andrew Lincoln ) is a former deputy sheriff who is traveling with his wife Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). They travel with a group of people such as, Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) who is Rick’s partner at the sheriff’s dept and best friend from high school. Shane told Lori that Rick was dead after he had recieved a gun shot wound and was still hospitalized whenever the virus broke out. Chaos broke loose while Shane was visiting Rick in the hospital and Shane even checked to see if Rick had a heart beat before he left him there with the zombies. Shane and Lori start having a *secret* affair only to find out Rick is still ALIVE!! He shows up at the camp where everyone is staying and finds that his wife and son are there.  Shane doesn’t take this too well and has actually fell head over heels for Lori.

This will cause many problems throughout  the episodes but on tonights episode their traveling with Andrea (Laurie Holden) who just lost her sister Amy (Emma Bell) to zombies. Andrea was ready to give up on life until Dale (Jeffrey Demunn) interferred with her plan. She blames him for being out here with the others still, where she thinks the zombies will eventually rip her to pieces and eat her alive after he didn’t let her get blown up in a planned explosion. 

Daryl Dixon (*hottie* Norman Reedus) is still angry after sheriff Rick, and T-Dog (Irone Singletonwhere they left his brother Merle (Michael Rooker) handcuffed still alive on top of a building in Atlanta, GA with thousands and thousands of zombies in the city. Merle is a character you surely wouldn’t like with his racist remarks and cockiness. When they go back to find Merle he had already sawed his hand off and escaped. Merle stole their truck and brought back zombies for revenge and dropped them off at the camp. They killed quite a few humans including Andrea’s sister Amy. Daryl is actually totally different from his brother and actually saves T-Dog’s life in the “Season 2 episode 1″ after T-Dog had been cut severly. He hid them both underneath *dead* zombies (LOL is that even right dead zombies?) Daryl is a great hunter when it comes to surviving for food in the forest. He’s great with a bow and arrow and may I add that’s just so sexy!!! ::purrrr::   😉

Glenn (Steven Yeun) is a cool dude!! No really, he is!! He is just a simple pizza boy that ends up in the zombie combat lines. He’s great at running from the zombies and going to do the job that no one else wants to go first for! He’s the one who actually saves Rick’s life when Rick comes to the city in Atlanta after Rick made quite a few HUGE mistakes that almost cost his life.

They all journey to try and find something better out there and to get help. They approach the interstate which is full of cars, trucks over turned, and other vehicles everywhere! They find away around them but the camper breaks down. Imagine that right?  Now their stuck on this interstate with hundreds of cars/trucks filled with *deadzombies (LOL). They go to look for supplies such as water, food, clothes, weapons, etc. That’s when Dale & Rick notice zombies appearing behind cars right next to them and heading their way. Everyone eventually takes cover underneath trucks and stay there quite until the herd of zombies pass by.

Sophia Peletier (Madison Lintz) who is the daughter of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). Her abusive father had gotten ate by zombies at the camp right before (that’s just too bad huh?).  Sophia was the first one to get out from underneath the vehicle after the herd passed by. Can you guess what happens next? There was two zombies that were following slow behind the rest of the herd as usual. The zombie started crawling underneath with Sophia trying to grab and take a bite out of her. She ran as fast as she could over the guard rail, sliding down a huge hill into the forest. The two zombies started chasing right behind her just as fast. Rick grabbed his gun and was the only one chasing after them.

He finally reaches Sophia where he tells her to hide and says to her,“Everything will be okay, run back to the others by going back to your left. When you see them coming after me.” The zombies start chasing him. Sophia runs in the direction Rick told her too. Rick kills both zombies and returns back to the others to only find that Sophia NEVER made it back!!

Rick, Shane, Glenn, and Daryl set out to try and find Sophia only to return without her. It’s getting close to dark now so they decide to try again tomorrow. The mom is in a frenzy that her 12 year old is going to be left out in the dark with those flesh eating zombies. As soon as it’s light out they began their search. Rick and Daryl wonder off by themselves and see a zombie in the woods. They kill him and find fresh flesh in his teeth. They wonder if it’s Sophia so they cut his stomache open to examine to find he had only eaten a woodchuck. They return back to the others where Sophia’s mother questions why is there blood on their clothes. They explain and then everyone goes to search but T-Dog and Dale stay behind to fix the vehicle.

During their search they stumble upon a tent where Rick tells Sophia’s mom to “call her name lightly” while Daryl unzips the tent. He tells her, “Your voice will be the first voice she recognizes.” Daryl unzips and then goes in for a closer examination. (This part is so CREEPY!!)  Daryl finds the corps of a *dead* human/zombie. Right after they hear church bells. They all scatter to where they hear the bells coming from. Shane is quick to notice that this church has no bells and thinks this is the wrong one. They enter the church to find a *widow zombie*, *zombie priest*, and a couple of church going zombies. They kill them.

 Rick talks to the Jesus crucifix and pretty much says,“I’ve never been much of a believer or asked for your help but during this time will you please show me a some kind of sign. I need a big sign right now.”

Andrea overheres a conversation between Shane and Lori about their affair. Shane is ready to sneak off and leave the group behind.

Andrea begs him to take her with him and says, “I could careless about what I heard.”  Shane says, “What do you want to do ride off into the sunset together? Shuts her down and says,NO!! Your just another body I will have to protect putting myself at risk.”

Rick and Shane decide to send the rest of the group back with Daryl while they continue their search for Sophia. Rick’s son Carl wants to join them so then Rick decides to let him. They start walking through the woods and hear something… (It’s…It’s aaaa…buck!! They ran into a deer!! I could only imagine how nice this would be after seeing all these zombies running around eating people all the time.)

They’re amazed and Shane went to shoot the deer when Rick stops him. He sees that his son is admiring the deer and approaching it. He gets really close when all of sudden a shot gun goes off! Firing into the deer all the way through Carl. Now as his lifeless body lies in his dads arms they run to find help…..

Is there help out there??? Will Carl survive??? Is Sophia still alive or will she become a zombie??? Will Shane sneak off and leave the group??? What will unfold this season???

One thing’s for sure I’m tuning in because I’m hooked!!!!!!!! You can catch “The Walking Dead” on Sunday at 9 pm EST on AMC.

                                             You can find out more about “The Walking Dead” here

                                                                Here’s a picture of some of “The Walking Deadwalkers!!

                                                              *Thanks to “Addy Millers Fan Page” on fb for the pic!!*


                                                  ARE YOU SCARED???

Do you like “The Walking Dead??” ~Season 2~ Aired on AMC Tonight **Graphics May Be Disturbing For Some**


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